New Product Annoucement: Competition Engines for Subaru

Element Tuning’s Pro Comp short blocks were born with a racing pedigree. Our engine program has over 5 years of R&D through thousands of miles racing Subaru engines exclusively. Every specification these engines are blueprinted to were derived from our long term racing data. We build the best engines you can buy! We’re confident saying this as every aspect of these motors has been tested and verified under the most demanding racing circumstances.

Element Tuning Pro Comp Short Block engines are built from 100% new components and starts life from a Subaru STi bare block and a STi forged crankshaft. Fitted to our exact standards, competition crank and rod bearing are assembled to a crank that has been verified for perfect trueness . Our bearings and clearances have been tested for 10,000+ miles of racing. You may ask us how is this possible? It’s very common for racing teams to run new engines multiple times in a racing season but we would not allow this for our long term R&D. The only way to have long term durability data on your engine program is to continue using the same parts. Each season or sometimes midway through the season we would tear down our motors to inspect how the parts were holding up and how our building specifications were performing. We would inspect items such as cylinder wear, ring wear, piston wear, oil consumption, hardware fatigue, and finally crank and rod bearing wear. As long as there was no component failure we would reuse the same bearings, crank, rods, block, and pistons and continue the durability testing.

It was not uncommon for us to push all the extremes to find the maximum and minimum operating range of each component and it’s clearance. With this data we have been able to build an engine that not only makes huge power but has near OEM oil level consumption. All too often motors are built too loose causing lots of engine noise, too much cylinder blow-by, and major oil consumption issues. We have tested our combination to deliver the tightest, most trouble free, and durable engine you can buy at any price.

Element Tuning’s engines are fitted with 4340 forged H beam rods which are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. Element Tuning has fully tested these rods in our Time Attack program with exceptional success and performance. Each rod is CNC machined from 4340 steel forgings, shot peened, stress relieved, heat treated, and magnafluxed for uncompromised strength and reliability. Precision machined in the USA to within .0002″ ensures exacting fitment and rod length is set to exact OEM specification at 5.137,” not shorter like many other rods.

Element Tuning Competition Long Block Engines for Subaru $4100, $4650, $6090, $7397

Having Element Tuning build your entire engine is the best option to guarantee a trouble free experience. Send us your Subaru long block with the timing belt cover on and we’ll take it from there. The first step for us is to fully disassemble and evaluate your current engine noting normal engine wear and noting any failures. We are experts in diagnosing failure points and potential problem areas. If there are any parts that do not meet our specification then we’ll make a recommendation to replace this component. In most cases even when a piston is cracked we can still utilize the OEM block and crank once they are checked for trueness, honed, and blueprinted to our specification.

You benefit from our vast R&D and building experience to avoid problems that are so common in this industry when it comes to performance engine building. There are very few problem areas or even failures we have not seen even on engines build by other so called professionals. What you get in return is a fully built engine to our exacting standards with no hidden surprises. Element Tuning builds all engines with a 100% OEM engine gasket kit so every o-ring, gasket, seal, and crush washer is replaced from your crank all the way to your valve covers. Bolt your new Element Tuning engine in and live happily ever after. Rather have Element Tuning pull your engine and install it? Check the installed prices.

Element Club: $3250 (Installed $4100): Recommended for Turbochargers 300 whp up to 500 whp and up to 7500 RPM. Built to our exacting standards with competition crank and rod bearings, block honed and fitted with CP forged Pistons and rings, all new OEM gaskets, seals, o-rings, and head gasket, heads are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, new valve seals are fitted, new cam seals, valves are adjusted (new buckets may be required at $), ARP Head studs are used to our specification, and valve covers are fitted with new gaskets. The engine and cam pulleys are fitted and the engine is timed (new timing belt may be required at $).

Element Track: $3799 (Installed $4650): Recommended for Turbochargers 400 whp up to 550 whp and 7500 RPM. This is stage 1 with the addition of Element Tuning forged rods.

Element Competition: $5237 (Installed $6090): Recommended for Turbochargers 450 whp up to 600 whp and 8300 RPM. This is stage 2 with the addition of Element Tuning Competition Valve Springs and Cosworth Camshafts.

Element Pro Comp: $6547+ (Installed $7397+): Recommended for Turbochargers 450 whp up to 800 whp and 8500 RPM. You want the exact same engine Element Tuning runs in our “Unlimited” Time Attack STi then look no further. Whether you want to make 400 whp or 800 whp this will have the biggest and fattest powerband you Subaru can have. This motor is setup to maximize HP from 4000 RPM to 8500 RPM with the addition of our “Big Valve” head package. Custom piston top coatings, intake manifold, cooling system upgrades, oil pump upgrades, and other parts may be recommended by Element Tuning. We will tell you what you need to make this engine combination all it can be on your Subaru!

Element Tuning Competition Big Valve Head Modifications for Subaru $1549

When too much power is not enough look no further than adding our competition “Big Valve” head modification to your engine. Through years of testing on the track and on the dyno the key to maximum power is unlocking the potential within the Subaru heads. The first step in the process is to select a more aggressive camshaft set utilizing more lift and duration but even then power is bottlenecked by the OEM intake and exhaust valves. Testing with a Garrett GT35R or the Element GT65 turbocharger results in a +100 whp gaine with this head package and camshafts over a stock head package.

The key to this gain in the +1mm larger stainless steel intake and Inconel exhaust valves. Just camshafts alone are held back by over 40 whp when the heads are left with the OEM valves.

Element Tuning has discovered that the majority of the gains from the Subaru head are attributed to the valve size itself and not the intake and exhaust ports. Often “Big Valve” heads can be $4000 plus dollars due to the labor required to port the heads. The modifications to your supplied head (complete heads are available also at a higher price) start with a 5 angle intake valve job and it finished off with a bowl blend to maximize the flow through the intake port to the larger valve. The stems of the valves are larger and stronger than OEM therefore a precision hone of the valve guides is performed.

Many may ask why don’t you port the intake ports fully? We don’t do this because almost 100% of the gain is realized by just fitting the larger intake valve and performing a bowl blend. (HP/value/compared to porting) On top of this the head retains 100% of it’s reliability due to how thin the cast walls are. It’s all too common to see highly stressed, high HP, road race engines blow through over ported head walls.

On the exhaust side we also install a +1mm valve and hone the guide but a 2 angle with a radius valve job is performed. The exhaust port is again blended to maximize the potential of the larger exhaust valve. We are seeing +20% increase in flow on the exhaust side alone!

Interested in Element Tuning building an engine for your Subaru? Whether you’re building a street monster or an unlimited Time Attack winner, give us a call and see what we have to offer.

You can also purchase these blocks directly from our Engine Blocks page.

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