NASA Octoberfast STi vs. GTR Time Attack Video, 10/09

If any of you haven’t been to VIR you have to do yourself the favor of going. What can I say but this track not only takes skill it takes big %#*! With a beautiful back drop and cool weather it was on!

With largest field of TT cars ever this event had over 35 cars going for the win in various classes. To make this more fun than ever we had 5 TTU cars which means Hoosier Tire contingency would be up for grabs. Sharif with the Forged GTR showed up with slicks and Michael Woods in his Z06 who broke my record at Summit Point would be my biggest competition. A few other Nasioc members were there including Boost Junkie (Dan), MSP608 (Justin), and Martin K.

My weekend started with a retune possibly compensating for a new turbocharger combination resulting in a 40 whp loss over our tried and true GT65 combo. The car was detonating with the new unit so I had to detune it but got it running well.

On Saturday the track was wet in the morning and lacked traction late in the day due to all the rain. Working up my grove I set a 2:00.5 lap in my lower power setting while Sharif in the GTR worked his way up to second place with a 2:01.8 lap. You’re not racing each other in TT but Sharif and I duked it out for the fun of it. LOL! My new Hoosiers needed more than one lap to get heated up so I was really sliding around. Sharif said he could see the stickers still on the tires after one lap. He was on me hard and with more power pulled up along side of me on the straight. I was actually holding him up so I had to let him by. On the second lap when my tires came up to temp it was the other way around and I was dogging the GTR hard and he let me by. All I can say is, that was fun and I set FTD for the event!

Boost Junkie took the 2nd place spot in TTS with a 2:08.2 getting edged out by Flynns RX7, MSP608 (Element Tuning engine and custom BC Suspension) finished 1st in TTA with a 2:09.6, Mark Nunnally’s Z06 took 2nd, and Martin K. finished 3rd in TTA with a 2:10.6.

On Sunday I skipped the practice session and opted for the timed session 1 as my first run. On the first lap I heard the header crack and I pulled of with only a 2:01.4 to the Forged GTR with a 2:01.1. I couldn’t let the GTR take top honors and the Hoosier tires so my game plan for session 2 was to run it hard with the cracked header.

Sharif decided he had enough until I told him I was going back out with my cracked header. I could tell right away the track was faster than it was the day before and you could just see how much more rubber was down. As started pushing on lap 1 I was clearly down on power and couldn’t get out of 5th (7k rpm in 5th instead of 8k rpm and then shifting to 6th)going into the uphill esses. Exiting turn 4 and also 10 resulted in lazy boost response slowing my exit speeds. Regardless I could tell my pace was very fast. As I exited onto the main straight the dreaded STi 5th gear curse made me miss the shift into 5th twice. I knew I had blown my fastest run of the weekend! To my surprise it was still good for a 1:59.2 (FTD) while the Forged GTR managed to drop all the way down to a 2:00. Having reviewed the tape if I set the lap time at the spot just before I missed that shift we were on the way to a 1:58.5 with a lot less HP than we normally run. I’m happy given the winning times at GT Live were AMS with a 1:57.9, Topspeed at 1:58.45, Crawford with a 1:58.92, and CWest/BC S2000 at 2:00.78.

In-Car Video

Other Subarus did well on Sunday with Boost Junkie winning TTS with a 2:06.6, Martin K. just edging out for the win in TTA with a 2:09.7 to MSP608’s 2:09.8.

Even with the problems we had it was a really fun weekend and I truly enjoyed dicing with Sharif and the Forged GTR.

As usual this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of:

Element Tuning
Hydra EMS
BC Racing Suspension
GT Spec
Clutch Masters
Hoosier Tire
Speedesign Graphics

Philip Grabow

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