2nd Place GT Live 2007 Featured Driver: Tarzan Yamata

Back from GT Live at VIR and still recuperating from a weekend of problems but overall very happy we finished 2nd place in AWD Unlimited and 2nd overall. Having struggled the weekend before at another Redline Time Attack I was hoping this weekend would go smoother since we’ve spent some time at VIR. Finally we’ve been able to solve our overheating issues and it was as simple as cutting the backside out of the hood scoop. Ugly but effective!  This just allowed the air to flow into the radiator and out the backside of the hood scoop.

“Tarzan” Yamada and I shared driving duties this past weekend with me only running practice to get the car sorted for the main event. As luck would have it our struts blew and our header cracked in one of my practice sessions. With not much time we pulled the headers off and brought them over to Koni Challenge team BGB Motorsports where they kindly welded up the header for us the best they could. I just can’t say enough about how nice this team is, who was competing for a championship, to take time out to help out a grassroots race team. A big thanks to James and Eddy from JRP worked on getting that installed along with getting the struts replaced. With only 10 minutes to spare before the main event we got the struts (unfortunately not custom valved units) on and the car back in action. With only about 20 minutes of practice “Tarzan” did what he could to put the Element Tuning STi into 2nd place.

Tarzan getting ready for Sunday morning practice.

Tarzan and James “hamming” it up.

Here is the video of Tarzan: http://elementtuning.com/Videos/GT Live Time Attack Tarzan Web.wmv

Tarzan offered us great advice and we made some setup changes for him before the main event to help with turn in and more front end grip. He had lots of invaluable advice and we appreciated his time and effort! We are slowly starting to dial in the Cusco rear differential and adding some limited slip fluid helped to smooth out the differential action reducing under steer and snap over steer. Overall the car was handling ok but we still have more work to do to get it right. As you’ll be able to see in the video the suspension is on it’s last legs so it’s going back to JIC to get rebuilt and freshened up.

Here is a video of me practicing: http://elementtuning.com/Videos/GT Live VIR 2007 Phil Web.wmv

We should have made this a “My Lap Challenge” as Tarzan and I both ran 2:04 lap times. It’s very interesting to note how different our driving styles are.

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