E85 2200 Inj Element Tuning Pro Comp Engine, Hydra EMS, ET GT65 Turbo, 597 whp, 07 STI

What an animal this STi is on E85. Not only did it belch out 597 whp at max boost but it also made 530 whp at a reasonable 23 psi.

: Dynojet, PA
Tuner: Sean M
Wheel HP: 597whp UNCORRECTED
Wheel TQ: 566wtq UNCORRECTED
Target Boost: 30 psi
Target AFR: 11.5-11.8
Fuel: E85
Ambient Temp: 40
Elevation: 0

Customer road tuned too boot!

Car Info
Engine Management: Element Tuning Hydra 2.6 EMS
Turbo: Element Tuning GT65
Intercooler: TurboXS
Meth Kit: Hydramist 80/20 water/methonal (not used for E85)
Injectors: 2200cc, Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Engine: Element Tuning Pro Comp, Element Tuning Rods, CP Pistons, Element Big Valve Heads (+1mm valves, Cosworth cams) stock block and bore.
Intake/Inlet: Element Tuning
Headers: ?
Uppipe: Element Tuning
Downpipe: Element Tuning
CBE: Greddy
Other: Element Tuning Competition Catch Can

The dyno fans were completely inadequate and I’m surprised the car made as much power as it did but he did have heating issues as a result. I’m sure with proper fans we could have seen as much as +30 HP.

Video of the STi on the dyno:

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Phil Grabow
Element Tuning

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