Element Tuning GT65 Bolt On Turbo, Hydra EMS, E85 fuel, 532whp, 07 STI 2.5

This is really impressive for a bolt on turbocharger running E85 and pump gas. On this tune the customer swapped out the header and it appears we lost some bottom end power over the old but peak power stayed about the same (on pump gas). All the dyno plots on this tuning session had the “blips” where the WG opens and I just noticed this time around the dyno was set to 150 instead of 120 so that could have something to do with it.

Dyno Dynamics @ Pina Motorsports, WA
Tuner: Phil Grabow Element Tuning
Wheel HP: 532whp UNCORRECTED
Wheel TQ: 513wtq UNCORRECTED
Target Boost: 26 psi
Target AFR: 11.5
Fuel: E85 and 92 Octane pump gas
Ambient Temp: 50
Elevation: 0

Initially I tuned the car with DW 1000cc injectors but for E85 we stepped up to RC 1600cc with the base fuel pressure set to 50 psi but the regulator diaphragm failed so we had to replace the regulator with an Aeromotive A1000 (don’t waste your money on anything else!). We also swapped in a TurboSmart BOV to better manage peak boost pressure and not blow open.

Car Info
Engine Management: Element Tuning Hydra EMS
Turbo: Element GT65 Bolt On
Intercooler: APS
Meth Kit: None
Injectors: RC 1600cc, Bosch 044 Fuel Pump, A1000 regulator
Engine: Element Tuning Rods, CP Pistons, Cosworth cams, stock block and bore.
Intake/Inlet: Magnus, APS
Headers: AMR
Uppipe: AMR
Downpipe: ?
CBE: Invidia

The Element GT65 Bolt-on really shined on E85 fuel especially given the car didn’t have anything done to the heads but a set of cams.

Phil Grabow
Element Tuning

More information and discussion can be found here:  http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1988414

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