700 whp! Element Tuning Hydra, Hydramist, 07 STi, 1600cc, 92 octane and Q16

I had tuned this really beautiful 07 STi once before but we ran out of fuel so this time around we upped the fuel injectors to 1600cc so we could really see what she had.


Dyno: Dyno Dynamics @ Pina Motorsports, WA
Tuner: Phil Grabow Element Tuning
Wheel HP: 700whp UNCORRECTED
Wheel TQ: 566wtq UNCORRECTED
Target Boost: 31 Psi
Target AFR: 11.5
Fuel: Q16 with Hydramist
Ambient Temp: 50
Elevation: 0

For some reason all the dyno plots this time around had the chop during spoolup on every car I tuned so maybe next time we need to adjust the ramp rate.



Car Info
Year: 2007
Engine Management: Element Tuning Hydra EMS
Turbo: GT35R 1.06 Twin Scroll
Intercooler: APS DR750
Meth Kit: Hydramist 80/20 water/methanol
Injectors: RC 1600cc, Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Engine: World One — Element Tuning Rods, CP Pistons, +1mm valves, BC STG4 cams, stock block and bore.
Intake Manifold: Cosworth
Headers: ?
Uppipe: World One
Downpipe: World One
CBE: Invidia G200
Other: Element Tuning Competition Catch Can


Like clockwork this time the car tuned easily and without issues. First up was the pump gas and Hydramist which netted us 604 whp which is pretty nuts for a daily driver! Next we ran the new 1600cc injectors with Q16 and the Hydramist running 80% water and 20% methanol. Slowly turned up the boost, dialed in the AFR and a really easy 700 whp.


Phil Grabow
Element Tuning

More information and discussion can be found here:

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