Element Tuning Raven Black FRS Track Build

And so a new chapter begins for Element Tuning as we take on the FRS and BRZ. We aren’t known for building slow cars and well the FRS/BRZ is a slow car but most of us know that going in. What it has is an exceptional chassis and great driving dynamics.

Element Tuning FRS/BRZ

As a racer I’m really looking forward to taking this car to a whole new level of grip and HP. We’ll be relying again on BC Racing to custom valve our new suspension so we can take this car to the highest level of racing just like our STi.

On the HP front we’ll be developing the Hydra EMS stand-alone engine management system along with an Element Tuning Pro Comp engine build. We need to tear this thing down and start working with manufacturers as soon as possible so we can build the motor to handle the turbo system we have in store.

I hope everyone is as excited as we are to build a sick race car out of this chassis!

For now some 18×8 SSRs with 225/40-18 Toyos we had laying around the shop. Definitely a conservative fit and I see plenty more room in there to go wider.

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