Element Tuning Track Tested and Track Proven FRS/BRZ Video

What can I say but amazing for 155 whp! We didn’t plan on racing our FRS this weekend for the Whelen USTT Championship but with our STi down and out we decided to make lemonade!

With the FRS there just to show off I couldn’t think of a better way to fully test this car than to throw it into battle against much more serious hardware. With everyone on race tires we stuffed our STi Rota DPT race wheels and tires on there and gave it a go.

Element Tuning FRS on Hoosier Slicks

Dual view in car video from the Whelen USTT Championship round at NJ Motorsports Thunderbolt.

With such little power going up against some heavy weights we didn’t win anything but huge respect from everyone that saw this car on the track. I’m not sure I every got a totally clean lap due to getting passed into turn 1 but I managed a 1:40.07 at NJ Thunderbolt. For 155 hp and a 3000 lbs race weight, that’s really good. I’m confident a 1:39 was what I could have done but the old race tires were just about corded so I couldn’t really give it another shot in hopes of some clear track.

So Butch!

I had a couple strange issues related to the power steering and when I spun out once the car wouldn’t restart for awhile. Under heavy braking and turning (Turn 11) is was as if the power steering failed. I’m not sure if the race tires had too much grip under braking for the power steering or there’s some funny VSC (it was all off) that doesn’t like you trail braking.

Had a blast and can’t wait to fully build this car up into a potent Time Attack race car. We should have our prototype Hydra EMS computer in about a week and hopefully our custom valved BC Suspension in 3 weeks.

Phil Grabow

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