Buy a Hydra 2.7 EMS and Get $490 Free Upgrade to Flex Fuel and CAN! New FRS/BRZ Hydra EMS!

For a limited time, purchase an Element Tuning Hydra EMS and get a free upgrade worth $490 to Flex Fuel (E85) an CAN Bus capability.  This enables Hydra users to install a GM Flex Fuel Sensor, tune for E85 and for Pump fuel and have their Hydra EMS automatically detect ethanol content  if two fuels are mixed.  The Hydra will then automatically compensate adjust the fuel, timing and boost maps for the difference in ethanol content.

The highly anticipated  Toyota FRS/Subaru BRZ Hydra EMS is for sale.

In partnership with Element Tuning and  Hydra EMS will be offering the Toyota FRS/Subaru BRZ PNP Nemesis 2.7 unit for an extremely low introductory price of $1899, a savings of more than $500!
Starting April 1st, 2013, pricing on this model will retail for $2400.

Features exclusive to this ECU:
-Complete Plug and Play Epsilon model (Highest Feature Level).  Simply unplug your factory ECU, plug our harness and Hydra EMS in.  No modifications you to your factory ECU and leaves no trace it’s been installed.

– OEM Direct injection and port injection support.  Want to upgrade your fuel injectors to something larger to support forced induction?  No problem
-Full CAN support for dash with AC and ABS speed sensors
-Programmable traction control based on individual ABS speed sensors.  Works off the OEM Traction Control Switch!
-Switched ethanol map or race map.  Works off the OEM “Sport Mode” switch!

All Hydra EMS computers are user tunable and all tuned Element maps are available for free to the original owner so you never have to pay for base maps.  You’ll not only save money not having to purchase maps but you won’t need to purchase a “Big MAF,” or a  MAP sensor either when going forced induction since the Hydra EMS is tuned via speed density and comes equipped with a 45 psi MAP sensor.

This model is available only through Element Tuning (and Element Tuning dealers) beginning today!  Want to be an Element Tuning dealer?  As long as you are retail storefront business specializing in automotive aftermarket parts, sales, service, or tuning we can help you out.
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