Element Tuning Hydra EMS Stand-Alone for 2013 FRS/FT86/BRZ

Element Tuning FRS Hydra EMS Stand-Alone Turbo 400 whp Injector Limited

I think many already know I’ve been testing and developing the Hydra EMS for some time in our Time Attack car and successfully winning many races.  Great car and great engine!!!!!

Much of what I’ve been doing is testing the limits of various engine parts and tuning parameters since not only is this a new engine but also the added complexity of direct injection with simultaneous port injection.  I really wanted to not only test these things on the dyno but also in the everyday commute and then in torturous racing environment.  It’s very important to me, more than peak power, that my base maps are tested in real world conditions and under racing conditions.

Hydra Dyno Plot: Dynajet SAE Corrected


Element Tuning Hydra EMS plug and play Stand-Alone
Element Hydra EMS Boost Control Solenoid
Element Tuning Competition Catch Can
FA20Club 60 Trim Turbo Kit, 60 Trim Garrett Turbo, Front Mount Intercooler, Tial MVS WG, and Tial BOV
Full Blown Radiator
DW1000cc Injectors
DW300 Fuel Pump and OEM Fuel Pump in saddle tank
Cat delete and muffler delete pipes
Element Tuning Custom Valved BC Racing BR Coilovers
Whiteline Front Sway bar and transmission bushing
Clutch Master Clutch and Flywheel
Brembo STi front brakes and rotors
18×10 Rota DPT with 285/645-18 Hoosier or Pirelli slicks
18×9.5 Prodrive GC010 with 275/35-18 Hankook RS3
18×9.5 Rota T2R with 225/45-18 Goodyear F1

Hydra screen shot:

While a full fledged stand-alone EMS with all of it’s additional features (Anti-lag, Launch control, Flat-Foot Shifting, Gear Based Boost Control, 45 psi MAP Sensor, Flex Fuel Sensor (E85) Support, Multiple Maps, Programmable Traction Control) my not be needed by everyone, finally everyone has another choice for the FRS/BRZ in terms of engine tuning.  What really sets the Hydra EMS apart at it’s core is that is end user tunable so anyone with a laptop is free to tune themselves or use any tuner they like in the world.  Tuned base maps for NA, E85, Turbo, race fuel, will always be free to the original owner along with technical support.  Your factory ECU does not need to be flashed or even removed, just unplug the connectors, and plug the Hydra harness and EMS in.

Getting Technical with the Hydra EMS for the FRS/BRZ:

–    Stand-Alone, plug and play

–    Full CAN Bus support.  This means your ABS, Dash, Fuel Computer, Stability Control Modes, AC, Stereo, Power Steering, all remain functional.

–    Simultaneous Direct and Port Injection strategy.  This is really where an exceptional tuner is going to excel because you have precise control over how much direct injection pulse width you want vs. how much port injection pulse width you need at any RPM and at any load (Boost or Vacuum).  This way as you upgrade your port injectors you can still have specific control over your DI injectors.  This will come in handy as you start pushing higher power levels and RPM levels where DI injection pulse width limits are very critical.  I found pushing the limits here at high RPM can pay off but it’s a fine line that changes with HP levels.

–    Injection Response (On-Time). Each set of injectors has their own specific injector response time maps.  As you change brands of injectors, fine tuning results in smoother running.

–    Injector Phasing.  Direct Injection requires very specific timing of the pulse width at different RPM/Load ranges and you have complete control over this.  You also have separate control over your Port Injector Phasing.

–    Fuel Pump(s) Control.  This comes in real handy when boosting the car since you will need a larger fuel pump and the OEM system is internally regulated. I’ve actually assigned in our base maps a 2D fuel pump controller duty map so that you don’t over power the OEM internal regulator with a the larger fuel in tank fuel pump.  My personal car also runs twin pumps, one in the saddle tank, and the Hydra is triggering both pumps.  Now the direct injection pump is mechanical but with the Hydra you can tune your pressure target based on RPM/Load.  Hitting these targets can be adjusted through the DI Fuel Pump Pulse Width, DI Dump Valve Response Time, Dump Valve Phase Trim, and PID.

–    Variable Cam Timing. The Hydra has “quad” variable cam timing control. This mean each of the intake cams and each of the exhaust cams are run in closed loop.  So your variable cam timing maps are tuned with a target and the Hydra then ensures each cam hits that target independently.  Advanced user control allows fine tuning of cam discrepancies an error in target control.  So if you have one cam that is off 1 degree at idle that can be fine tuned and if you’re overshooting, undershooting, or too slow to respond, the closed loop rate can be fine tuned to hit the target as fast as possible without overshooting.

–    Closed Loop Fuel Control:  This is where something like a Hydra can make the difference between loving your highly modified daily driver or hating it.  With 1032 load cell fuel targeting the Hydra can set to any AFR target at any RPM/Load.  This really comes in handy when you have a heavily ported or cammed motor that may not want to idle at 14.7 AFR or when running E85 and you can run much leaner AFR targets.  As load increase you can stay leaner longer or go richer sooner and making your engine run in the “sweet” spot makes all the difference in the world. You can also set your how aggressive or how slowly you want the closed loop to control the fuel changes.  You can also set the TPS cut off point for closed loop fuel control.  On top of all that the Hydra has Multiple AFR Target Tables so if your map is tuned so the Auxiliary maps are tuned for E85, you can run a unique AFRs better suited for E85.

–    Flex Fuel Sensor Support.  Want to run E85 but it’s not readily available?  Flex Fuel Sensor Support allows automatic map switching in the Hydra based on ethanol content and it also has automatic fuel, boost, and ignition timing tuning based on ethanol content.  Simply tune your base pump fuel map (fuel, ignition, and boost), then tune your E85 map and the Hydra will trim boost, fuel, and ignition timing based off of the ethanol content when you can’t get e85 and are forced to mix pump fuel with it.  The Hydra also has additional “starting” maps for using E85 so that extra start fueling requirements can be handled independently of your pump gas starting maps.

–    Boost Control:  Built in boost control without the need to eliminate your purge control valve like OEM flashing.  With a great blend of closed loop and manual control you can really get what you want out of the boost control system.  Maximum boost sets your protection for overboost with a fuel cut, Boost RPM Targets, minimum solenoid duty based on boost target, maximum solenoid duty based on boost target, compensations trim maps for coolant temp, air temp, knock, throttle position, and gear.

–    Traction Control, Programmable.  This has to be the best feature honestly for a high powered FRS/BRZ.  Let’s face it the OEM traction control is lame as it’s not performance based, it’s just way too intrusive.  You can now set your traction control to intervene smoothly and less aggressively if you’re a racer like me through fuel cutting and ignition cutting, based on each of the 6 gears.  Each gear has its own speed delta trigger for traction control along with each gear having its own setting for ignition and fuel cutting.  So one may want a more aggressive traction control setup in 1st gear than they want in 3rd gear for instance.

–    Different Engines.  Don’t want to run the FA20?  Want to drop in your monster EJ257, how about an EZ30R H6, Supra 6….no problem with the Hydra EMS as we make custom ecus for this very thing so you don’t have to rewire you chassis and loose your car’s features!!!

I could go on and on but I’ll leave the rest open for discussion or questions.

I’m sure many are thinking, OMG I have no idea what he’s talking about and I don’t know if I can even tune all of that or need it.  This why I’ve taken so long to release any real information until I’ve tuned the base maps and encountered typical issues a customer may come across.  The maps are already dialed in for a particular modification path and your “average Joe” will need just the typical fuel and ignition tweaks.  People with more advanced skill or those who seek every last ounce of performance will be able to extract that with all the advanced features.  Tuners and those forging uncharted territory will not have brick walls to face and I’m always available to guide or coach anyone through tuning a difficult combo.

The latest Hydra 2.7 software is so nice and easy to use compared to past versions.  Having a Google software engineer on our team has made all the difference in the world here and trust me when I say we can do just about anything, all you need to do is ask, I’m not kidding.  We have advanced expressions that allow us to tweak output controls and do things that are not part of the “fixed” maps.

Like I said, maybe not for everyone, but it’s another option for you the customer to put the control in your own hands or your own tuner’s.

Used by some of the fastest cars in the world:

GST Motorsports: Redline Unlimited Time Attack Champions, 2 Time Global Time Attack Champions….and just about every track lap record

Element Tuning STi: 2x NASA TTU Champion, 2x Subiefest Pro Class Champion, 2x Formula X Champion, 4 tracks NASA and Whelen TTU lap record holder….

Element Tuning FRS

Global Time Attack win Road Atlanta naturally aspirated

3 Unlimited Class wins boosted in Whelen USTT Championships.

Simple to install, just place inside the glove box.

Ready to purchase or have questions, feel free to call us or click here:  http://elementtuning.com/store/#!/~/product/category=439245&id=1509847

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