E85 2200 Inj Element Tuning Pro Comp Engine, Hydra EMS, ET GT65 Turbo, 597 whp, 07 STI

What an animal this STi is on E85. Not only did it belch out 597 whp at max boost but it also made 530 whp at a reasonable 23 psi.

: Dynojet, PA
Tuner: Sean M
Wheel HP: 597whp UNCORRECTED
Wheel TQ: 566wtq UNCORRECTED
Target Boost: 30 psi
Target AFR: 11.5-11.8
Fuel: E85
Ambient Temp: 40
Elevation: 0

Customer road tuned too boot!

Car Info
Engine Management: Element Tuning Hydra 2.6 EMS
Turbo: Element Tuning GT65
Intercooler: TurboXS
Meth Kit: Hydramist 80/20 water/methonal (not used for E85)
Injectors: 2200cc, Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Engine: Element Tuning Pro Comp, Element Tuning Rods, CP Pistons, Element Big Valve Heads (+1mm valves, Cosworth cams) stock block and bore.
Intake/Inlet: Element Tuning
Headers: ?
Uppipe: Element Tuning
Downpipe: Element Tuning
CBE: Greddy
Other: Element Tuning Competition Catch Can

The dyno fans were completely inadequate and I’m surprised the car made as much power as it did but he did have heating issues as a result. I’m sure with proper fans we could have seen as much as +30 HP.

Video of the STi on the dyno:

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Phil Grabow
Element Tuning

Element Tuning GT65 Bolt On, Hydra, 452whp @ 22 psi, 07 STI 2.5 Pump Gas

This is really impressive for a bolt on turbocharger running pump gas and only at 22 psi. The plot didn’t turn out as smooth as I like but the AFR was within .1 and timing was smooth. I think we just had a little boost oscillation going on. I also find it difficult on the Dyno Dynamic dyno to load and unload just right resulting in a boost spike and then a little oscillation (too many buttons to press. LOL!).

Dyno Dynamics @ Pina Motorsports, WA
Tuner: Phil Grabow Element Tuning
Wheel HP: 452whp UNCORRECTED
Wheel TQ: 482wtq UNCORRECTED
Target Boost: 22 psi
Target AFR: 11.1
Fuel: 92 Octane pump gas
Ambient Temp: 50
Elevation: 0

Initially we tuned the car at OEM fuel pressure but the DW 1000cc injectors were maxing out so we bumped the fuel pressure to 50 psi just to get the car tuned safely. The plan is to get some larger 1260cc injectors and the Hydramist system to turn things up.

Car Info
Engine Management: Element Tuning Hydra EMS
Turbo: Element GT65 Bolt On
Intercooler: APS
Meth Kit: None
Injectors: 1000cc DW, Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Engine: World One, Element Tuning Rods, CP Pistons, Cosworth Cams, Brian Crower Valves, Valve Springs and Retainers, stock block and bore.
Intake/Inlet: APS 70mm intake, APS 3 Inlet hose, Magnus Intake Manifold, (longrunner, jet hot coated)
Headers: Gruppe-S Exhaust Manifold (jet hot coated)
Uppipe: SBR Up-Pipe with 44mm Tial Ewg (jet hot coated)
Downpipe: Invidia Catless
CBE: Invidia
Other: Element Tuning Competition Catch Can, Unorothox Racing stock diameter pulley
set, Greddy Racing Radiator and Oil Cooler

I honestly couldn’t believe the power we hit with the Element GT65 Bolt-on especially given the car didn’t have anything done to the heads but a set of cams. I was tuning other cars this same day with rotated 35R kits and head work that were making the same power at this boost level. This car has had a rough past with bad tuning and engines but World One Performance sorted out the car so I could do my job. I was really happy for the customer this turned out so well.

With larger fuel injectors I think we could have turned up the boost a little (maybe 1-2 psi) for another 30 whp or so. With the Element Hydramist we should be able to add an additional 4 psi and get this car close to 500 whp on pump gas.

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Phil Grabow
Element Tuning

Hydra, Hydramist, 668 whp@30 psi, 05 STI 2.5, 35R

I just got really busy and finally had a chance to post the numbers for this beast of a track car.

Dyno: Dyno Dynamics @ Pina Motorsports, WA
Tuner: Phil Grabow Element Tuning
Wheel HP: 668whp UNCORRECTED
Wheel TQ: 576wtq UNCORRECTED
Target Boost: 30 psi
Target AFR: 11.5
Fuel: Q16/92 Octane pump gas mix
Ambient Temp: 50
Elevation: 0

Year: 2005
Engine Management: Element Tuning Hydra EMS
Turbo: HTA GT35R 1.06 Twin Scroll
Intercooler: APS
Meth Kit: Hydramist 80/20 water/methanol
Injectors: 1260cc, Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Engine: World One, Element Tuning Rods, CP Pistons, BC +1mm valves, Cosworth cams, stock block and bore.
Intake/Inlet: World One
Headers: Titek
Uppipe: World One
Downpipe: World One
CBE: Greddy Evo2
Other: Element Tuning Competition Catch Can

What else is there to say but WOW! I had tuned this car once before but we ran out of fuel and the clutch was slipping. Fast forward to a new Element Clutch Masters, larger fuel injectors, higher fuel pressure, and what do you know the FP diaphram fails. We fix it and climb to 668 whp on 50% Q16 and pump gas along with the Element Hydramist.

The car had a little more in it but given the problems with the FP regulator resulting in extended tuning time the owner felt that just about 670 whp was even too much for a road race car.

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Phil Grabow
Element Tuning

524 whp on 93 pump, 629 whp on Q16

Event: Phil Grabow Hydra EMS Tune
Location: Element Tuning, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Ambient Temp: 68.92 degrees
Elevation: Sea level
Weather: Raining
Track and Conditions: NA
Tires: Michelin Pilot

I wasn’t really sure what to call this turbocharger as it’s based off of what we call the GT75 but this is a GT series housing with a Garrett 75 lbs compressor wheel and a Tial 1.03 exhaust housing. This was changed from the FP HTA since that was damaged (oil seals).

We made a little more power on pump 93 hitting 524 whp up from about 503 whp. It did spool a little slower than the HTA but had more top end. Very impressive for pump gas especially on this dyno!

On VP Q16 power was very good. There was some boost taper and overall we wanted more boost but that’s all the WG had in it. Upon further inspection we pulled the WG apart to upgrade the springs and noticed the diaphragm was folded over so this could have caused some issues. We’ll get stiffer springs in there and turn up the boost!

Target boost will be 35 psi which this turbocharger should have no issues running. Tuning went well and power came easily with boost. So far no sign of detonation issues as boost was increased or any other difficult symptoms. We did have misfire issues the last time the car was on the dyno but that was corrected with very tight spark plug gaps.

Car: 2007 Subaru STi
Tuner: Phil Grabow, Element Tuning
Dyno Info: Dynajet
Peak HP at RPM: 629.02@7600 rpm Uncorrected
Peak Torque at RPM: 405.94@6600 rpm Uncorrected
Baseline: 08 WRX 184 whp Uncorrected
Target Boost: 25-28 psi
Target AFR: 11.3
Fuel: 93, VP Q16
Engine: Cosworth Long Block
Intake: Cosworth
Turbo: Element Garrett/Tial 75 lbs T3 1.03
Header: GT Spec?
Exhaust: 3”?
Fuel System: 1600cc, A1000 Fuel Regulator and pump
EMS: Hydra 2.6 Engine Management
Modifications: Exedy Triple
Suspension Modifications: Tein Coilovers

Again this setup has been similar to the other large turbochargers I’ve tuned with the Cosworth cams and or head package. It just doesn’t like variable cam timing advance but really big turbochargers like this are all about the top end.

On the next runs I may push the RPM a little further if oil pressure looks ok. For now I’m limiting the engine to 8k rpm but clearly it will make power to about 9k rpm

Phil Grabow

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