“Monster 86” Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 V8 Conversion

500 wheel horsepower LS plug and play conversion done the modern way!

Today’s sophisticated CAN electronics can make conversions difficult as often ABS, Stability Control, Electronic Steering, tachometer, and AC are lost or compromised with complicated parallel engine management wiring.  Well that’s a thing of the past as we’ve developed a Chevrolet V8 LS engine harness with only 2 connectors that plugs directly into the OEM BRZ/86 firewall connectors.  That’s right, click, click and you’re done!

Our Nemesis Engine Management System has also been fully developed to be a plug and play solution for the sophisticated Toyota/Subaru CAN system allowing fully functional ABS, Electronic Steering, Stability Control, AC, Tachometer, plus allows fully programmable gear based traction control.  We’ve been racing and setting records since 2012 using this engine management solution and now we’ve adapted it for your “Monster 86” V8 conversion.

While many will be happy with a 500 whp 6.2 liter naturally aspirated engine, we’ll also be offering tuned maps, products, and support for 800-1200 whp turbocharged upgrades.  We will provide more details as we fill our product pages to help you with your conversion or a “Turnkey” conversion for you.  Engines, transmissions, driveshafts, clutches, radiators, belt systems, dry sump oiling systems, alternators, wiring, and all those little details you have no idea you need to tackle, we will have already solved for you.

Why an LS V8 conversion over an Element Tuning Pro Comp FA20 build with a turbo kit?  There’s honestly a lot to answer there but it primarily teeters on how much power you want. If 350 whp or less is your desire then we can build your Subaru FA20 to be race reliable, sell you a bunch of supporting mods, turbo kit, radiator, oil cooler, oil accumulator kit, air/oil separator, fuel system, ems, clutch and flywheel, and your transmission will handle it.  The peaky end will be 400 whp for a track car and that’s pretty much at transmission breaking territory.  In fact we couldn’t keep ours together until we built a custom $1500 transmission cooler.  Those parts alone are over $21k plus add in professional labor and you’re easily at $27k.

So is the V8 conversion cheaper then?  No, but it’s more cost efficient because while you could bump up that turbocharger and make 500+ whp with one our engines, your transmission will never handle it, and forget about road racing it at that power level for more than a handful of laps.  The custom Tremec transmission we have built for this conversion is rated at 700 ft/lbs of TQ and a properly setup LS3 will run 500 whp lap after lap!  Add a supercharger or turbo kit and you’re pushing 1000 whp but keep in mind we offer built LS3 engines for that level.

Can you LS swap your FRS/BRZ/86 for less than $27k? Yes, you can and that’s why we are happy to sell you the products needed so you can tackle this with your own used engine or if you simply want to take your time building up your dream car.

So how does it run and handle? Well our first race out we finished 2nd in Unlimited class running NA at Formula Drift and Global Time Attack Atlanta 2017


Questions about the conversion? Want parts now? Please give us a call 240.246.0302 or email us at info@elementtuning.com

Monster 86 LS3 Engine Swap Parts

Engine: $7899 *Modified Engines Available with cam, valvetrain mods, forged internal*
Chevrolet LS3 430hp Crate Motor
ARP and other required hardware
Pan Gasket for swap pan
8.2mm Spark Plug Wires for swap headers

*Optional engine parts such as forged internals, camshaft, and valvetrain upgrades shown*

Engine Management System: $2498
ELT-FRS-LS3 Nemesis for BRZ/FRS LS Swap $1899
ELT-HAR-LS3 Nemesis Engine Harness LS3 FRS $599

Starter Mid Size $235
HIGH TORQUE STARTER Need to clearance engine mount (Performed by ET if purchasing a kit from us)
Starter Bolts

Engine Mount Kit: ET Reinforced $1378 (for Dry Sump and Custom Exhaust)
ET modified CX Racing Swap Kit motor mt, T56 Transmission Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS, Header, DP (optional Y pipe and oil pan if not using ET Dry Sump)

You can see in the upper right corner the unmodified motor mount has the majority of the motor’s weight unsupported so we box the outer section and triangulate the mount for a 3rd mounting point (shown tacked together ready for welding).

Engine Mount Kit: ET Reinforced $2029 (wet sump oil pan and Y pipe to utilize a FRS or BRZ cat-back exhaust)
ET modified CX Racing Swap Kit motor mt, T56 Transmission Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS, Header, DP, Y pipe, and wet sump oil pan if not using ET Dry Sump)

Engine Mount Extras: $33.97
Engine mount shanks (2)
Class 8 Zinc Finish Steel Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
Class 10.9 Yellow Zinc Finish Hex Cap Screw
Engine mount plate bolts
Additional Bolts

Transmission Kit: $5995
Engine Mount Plate Bolts
Transmission Urethane Mount Bolts
Engine Mount Subframe Bolts
ARP Nuts

Driveshaft: $599
Steel Driveshaft 3” for “T56 Magnum XL” only (not T56 or T56 Magnum)

Stainless Steel Clutch Master Cylinder Conversion Mount Kit $289
Monster 86 Stainless Steel Clutch Master Cylinder Adapter for Toyota FRS/GT86 and Subaru BRZ
Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder with integrated or remote fluid reservoir for LS based clutches with hydraulic bearing
Banjo for -4 AN clutch line
Banjo Bolt

Clutch 800 HP: $1919
ACT 6 Puck Sprung Clutch
ACT 15 lbs Flywheel
ARP Flywheel Bolts
Pilot bearing
Stainless Steel Master Cylinder Conversion Mount
Wilwood Clutch Master modified arm
Bolts and washers for firewall
McCleod Hydraulic Throwout Bearing
Hydraulic Clutch Line Stainless BraidedClutch 500 HP $1749
Street Type Clutch (smooth operation, good power holding capability)
GM Flywheel
Flywheel Bolts
Pilot bearing
Stainless Steel Master Cylinder Conversion Mount
Wilwood Clutch Master modified arm
Bolts and washers for firewall
McCleod Hydraulic Throwout Bearing
Hydraulic Clutch Line Stainless Braided

Alternator, Tensioner, Belt Kit: $399 We had to come up with our own race tested belt system after a number of belt failures using off the shelf LS parts.  This new system has been tested for over a year up to 8k RPM
140 AMP Alternator
Alt Relocation Bracket and pulley
6 Ribbed pulley
Billet Manual Belt Tensioner and pulley
6 Rib Serpentine Belt

*Shown here is the revised belt routing alternator mount.

Here is a more typical street or drag LS belt routing that proved unreliable on the track so we modified the system to have more belt wrap on the crank pulley.

Cable Throttle Conversion: $545 (Optimal and safer for boosted applications to prevent slow throttle plate closing)
OEM Cable Throttle Pedal
Custom pedal bracket
Throttle Cable
Custom Intake Manifold Cable bracket


Racing Radiator Setup: $669 (requires basic fabrication skills for upper and lower support mounting)
Non OEM fitment Racing Triple-Pass Radiators with welded on lower extension
Upper Radiator Hose
Lower Radiator Hose
Aluminum Filler Neck with welded on steam port nipple
Vented Radiator Caps

Racing Stage 3 Dry Sump Oiling System: $2849
3 Stage Dry Sump Oil Pump (1 pressure stage and 2x scavenge stages) with Billet Mount and hardware
HD Drive Crank Pulley and ATI Dampener, HD Drive Pump Pulley, HD Drive Belt
3 Gallon Dry Sump Tank
Dry Sump Oil Pan
Remote Oil Filter Mount and Filter
*Requires hose, hose ends, and breather tank all available from Element Tuning
*Requires custom tank mounting



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