The Element tuned STI takes 2nd in the Primedia Time Attack, 4/6/04

For the first time ever Sport Compact Car, and Super Street Magazine decided to collaborate and bring time attack racing to US shores.  A time attack is a popular form of Japanese racing in which top tuner teams battle for the best single lap time of the day on one of Japan’s many circuits. The AWD limited class however was saturated with cars that were anything but limited. Some of the cars in our class were the Sparco EVO VIII, XS Engineering’s EVO VIII, Road Race Engineering’s EVO VIII, Works EVO VIII, Worx Tuning’s STi, RB Motoring’s Skyline R32, and more. Other notables included Signal Auto’s Purpleen Skyline R34 piloted by world famous wild man Tarzan Yamamoto running in the RWD limited class, Axis Wheels 360 Modena and Turbo 350Z all running in the limited RWD class, a number NSXs from Science of Speed and a monstrous Twins Turbo Supra.   For the rest of the article follow the link:

Time Attack Article