Element Tuning Wins Subiefest 1 Time Attack, 11/2006

In preparation for Subiefest 1 the 2006 Element Time Attack STi was sent to World One Performance in Seattle, Washington, the location of www.subiefest.com for a bit of a transformation. For prior Time Attack events, we went with a smaller GT52 turbocharger, but at Subiefest it was important for me to showcase our flagship turbo kit the Element Tuning GT65 Rotated Turbo Setup. Wayde and the technicians at World One outfitted our race car with the GT65 kit, new brake pads, flushed the brakes, changed all fluids, installed different rear springs, and a different front sway bar so that when I arrived in Seattle the car was ready to go.

Subiefest Time Attack began at Pacific Raceways in Seattle bright and early as the sun came up over the Pacific Northwest. After filling up with race gas and checking to make sure all was in order the car went out on the track for warm up hot laps.

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