Super Lap Pocono Winner Element Tuning, 9/08

Pocono Raceway was host to the final round of “Super Lap Battle” qualifying. With hurricane Hannah hammering the east coast with high winds and massive rain storms, Saturday was just a day to skip for us . With the weather looking great for Sunday we headed north to Pocono Raceway in the town of Long Pond, Pennsylvania.

Sunday’s weather was beautiful with a nice breeze and cool weather. Having never run on a NASCAR oval I honestly didn’t know what to expect. What I was greeted with was an ultra high speed freak fest. LOL! I’ll be the first to admit it took a few laps to allow my brain to run flat out on the oval shifting into 6th gear mid turn. With ample downforce, great JIC suspension and Hankook tires the car stayed well planted at high speed. The lower speed corners were a whole different ball game and taming the Element Tuning power house STi proved difficult.

On the third session I ran comfortably but the car started pushing on the oval at the apex just before the straight at around 140 mph so I pulled in. What we found was the outside front tire loosing air at it only had 23 psi hot. Without much competition in the “Unlimited” class we knew we had the win with this time of 55.6 seconds.

While this was all fine and dandy I wanted to be the fastest at the track! Um, it was all about bragging rights I set my sights on these race cars which were the fastest at the track so on went a new front tire/wheel.

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