GT Live 2006 — The Element Tuning Story

GT Live, what a story I have to tell. Going into this event Element Tuning really just wanted to iron out the setup of our new STI. One day before the event we removed the temp tags so we’ve been on an accelerated learning curve over the last few weeks to get this car ready for “Limited” Time Attack competition. Knowing the competition we were up against competing with “Unlimited” cars we really didn’t have aspirations of winning but were using this event as a measuring stick. Since I was going to drive the car we decided to keep the car mild and run the Element Hydra EMS, Hydramist, TurboSmart E-Boost and our Element GT52 bolt on turbocharger which is based off of the TD06 frame but uses a Garret GT30R compressor wheel and a few other items. We had up to about 450 whp reliable HP available to us but more importantly it was very easy to drive with a huge powerband.

We showed up late on Thursday not in time to run the practice session as we hadn’t installed a new set of race pads yet. A big special thanks goes to Ken “Brake Guru” for delivering our brake pads and titanium backing plates and kindly installing them at the track for us.

Friday morning was nothing but rainy and cold! We braved the wet session and headed out to bed in the new pads and feel the out the car in the rain. I started at medium boost and quickly dropped down the lowest boost setting we had. LOL! To say it was slippery would be an understatement. To our surprise we ended up with the fastest practice session time on Friday morning.

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