Hankook WRX vs. EVO Time Attack, 11/07

New for this year was the Hankook WRX vs. EVO Time Attack held at Button Willow Raceway. This event was an invite only Time Attack run the day before Super Lap pitting WRXs against EVOs with a new twist, a 5 lap time attack battle backwards. The Element Tuning Time Attack STI made its debut as an “Unlimited” car this year running a new driver, me (LOL), and I’ve never driven this track before so I was expecting lots of surprises.

The weekend started out with lots of last minute changes unfortunately. With SEMA so close there wasn’t enough time to get our new suspension prior to heading to CA but Jon at JIC Suspension graciously worked on Sunday to get us the custom suspension we so desperately needed. All I can say is that Jon really knows his stuff and we analyzed our currently setup, discussed its shortcomings, and came up with revised settings.

With new dampers and springs rates I was skeptical but how can you question a team with so many “Ulimited” class Time Attack Wins? I went with it and we also installed a set of JIC rear trailing arms and lateral links to provide stiffness, response, and to allow for more adjustability in the future.

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