Element Summit Point NASA TTB Lap record with 08 WRX, 11/08

I actually really love driving my 08 WRX and couldn’t be more impressed with the new chassis. I knew it was fast but not this fast. I was expecting to run in the 1:25s since I was running street tires but a 1;23.8 blew me away. This time is also fast enough to break the current Nasa TTA lap record for Summit Point.

For the chassis I have the Element Tuning custom BC Racing Coilovers setup really well, GT Spec chassis braces, 6 Gun Ball Joints and bump steer kit, front and rear sway bars, Brembo STi front calipers, Dunlop 245/45-18 Z star Spec tires, and rear camber adjustment kit. All I can say is this car’s lap time are a reflection of it’s grip and not the power. The new chassis is impressively stiff and has so much more grip than the previous chassis.

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