Calibrating the Hydra Wideband o2 Sensor

Thank you for purchasing one of the most powerful engine managements systems, the Element Hydra EMS. Every effort is made to offer tuned maps for your specific set of modification but some minor adjustments may be necessary to perfect the mapping. Every car is unique and most likely there are areas that can be fined tuned and improved specifically for your car.

It’s better to be safe than sorry so if you do not understand what you’re changing or the effects your changes make, please contact Element Tuning for technical support.

Calibrating your Wide Band 02 Sensor

Most Element Hydras are now shipped with the WB Calibrated however it may be required to calibrate your WB 02 sensor for the best possible accuracy while tuning your vehicle. After installing your Element Hydra EMS, connect the serial port to your laptop. Before you can make any changes to the programming you must first select “Upload from ecu” so you can view the mapping in your unit. Under the comments area you will see if the WB has been calibrated as you will see a message such as “WB calibrated 125/182.” If this is the case you do not need to recalibrate your WB. Select “Upload” and once the upload process is complete the menu will disappear and you can select “Maps” to view the file.

In the “Maps” area you will see data values on the left. “AFR” is what you want to pay attention to. In the menu bar choose “Select,” click “Settings,” and “Sensor” will be the first that appears.

Under “Wego Zero Grad Cal” adjust this value until your AFR reports 14.7 without the WB plugged into the harness. Plug the WB sensor into the harness but do not install the 02 sensor into your exhaust system. Turn the ignition key to the start position but do not start the vehicle which will start heating the WB. Let it warm up for a couple of minutes. Once the sensor is warm note what the “AFR” reads. If it’s richer than 20.8 then you will need to increase the value under “Wego Grad Cal” and if it’s leaner than 20.8 then you will need to decrease this value. You must type in the value, click “enter” and then click “OK” for the “AFR” reading to change. Repeat these steps until you reach the AFR value of 20.8.

Make sure to save these changes and download them to your Hydra to make them permanent. You can now install the WB 02 sensor into the exhaust system. The ideal location for you WB is about 6-8″ after the turbocharger in the exhaust and clocked in the 10-2 o’clock location. Sometimes the rear OEM location is acceptable and sometime it’s too far to keep the sensor hot enough. You will need to test this location if you do not have the means to relocate the sensor closer to the turbocharger.

Note: The Hydra EMS does not utilize the OEM front 02 sensor. It is recommended that this sensor is removed and only installed when using the OEM ECU.

Save and Download

To make your changes permanent you must save these changes to your laptop and download them to your Element Hydra. Select “Maps” on the menu bar and then select “Save.” Logically name the file and save it to your hard drive.

Close the red tuning screen to view the “Download” screen. Select “Download” and then “Download” again using the appropriate com port. Once the download is complete you can select exit.

The last and most critical step is that you reset your Element Hydra ECM by turning the ignition to the full off position to reset the ecu. This usually takes 10-15 seconds. Your changes are now permanent.

For more information about tuning your Element Hydra please click here for the Element Tuning Guide 1

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