Element Custom Tuning

Phil Grabow has tuned some of the fastest and most well known Subarus:

  • World One Performance STI: Second Place US Time Attack and 1st place Subaru
  • Play More Online WRX: Second Place One Lap of America and 1st place Subaru
  • Kaminari WRX: Import Tuner Cover car, SEMA exhibition vehicle
  • TurboXS: Super Street feature car
  • Energy Suspension: SEMA exhibition vehicle
  • Intrax Suspension: SEMA exhibition vehicle
  • And more…

His track record speaks for itself and we are now proud to announce him as Element Tunings lead tuner. We offer custom tuning for your vehicle that is second to none.

There are more and more individuals calling themselves “tuners” than ever before and just because they own a dyno or say they can tune your car doesn’t mean they are “professional tuners.” We’ve all heard the horror stories before and about 90% of the cars we tune have already been tuned by another individual or company but the customer was left unhappy. The most common complaints are hesitation and detonation.

We use sophisticated data logging equipment to monitor engine vitals, a wide band oxygen sensor to measure air fuel ratios accurately, and a knock sensor system that lets us pick up microphone level detonation so we can make changes before they reach dangerous levels.

Contact us to see how we can get your car running well again!

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