Element Gears up for Super Street / Euro Tuner Time Attack

On Tuesday November 9th 2004 the Element Tuning WRX participated in the 2nd annual Primedia Time Attack Event. A time attack is a popular form of Japanese racing in which top tuner teams battle for the best single lap time of the day on one of Japan’s many circuits. The most popular of which is Tsukuba but for the second time ever Super Street Magazine and Euro Tuner Magazine collaborated to bring time attack racing to US shores.

This year Element Tuning and World One Performance are teaming up again for the event win, recruiting professional 2003 Team Subaru driver Gary Sheehan to pilot our Subaru WRX. In 2003 Gary Sheehan finished the US Touring Car Championship in second place scoring 3 event wins and 3 second place finishes during the 7 event series. For 2004 Gary is piloting the #4 Audi S4 of Istook-Aines Motorsports in the Grand American Cup Series, breaking the lap record at Mont-Tremblant.

A purpose built “Time Attack” WRX will be racing for the win this year utilizing the best performance products available. Armed with track data from last year, the expert guidance of Gary Sheehan and our sponsors, performance has reached a new level. StopTech’s racing experience and success made their brakes the best choice for our project and Gary Sheehan. StopTech specified their race application 332 Big Brake Kit again for our braking needs this year.

Last years abrupt power deliver upset the chassis so one of our primary goals was power delivery. Element Tuning custom fabricated the Element GT65 turbo kit for massive power but power that’s delivered progressively, keeping the wheels biting, and the suspension settled while road racing circuit. This 65lbs compressor is capable of rod busting power but doesn’t require high boost so power delivery is very progressive at peak boost pressure with frightening top end pull as RPMs increase.

Normally associated with such a large turbocharger is turbo “lag” but with careful tuning of the Element Hydra EMS we optimized the AVCS intake cam timing, coupled with proper fuel, and spark maps, tuning is perfectly matched to the turbochargers characteristics. In 4th gear 20 psi can be reached by 3600-3800 rpm, the RPM limit has been raised to 7600 rpm widening the powerband to 4000 RPM.

We choose TurboSmart turbocharger products for their innovation and proven track record in race applications. The E-Boost allows optimal control over the external Ultra Wastegate by allowing adjustment to the wastegate’s opening time for the fastest possible boost response without boost spikes. A TurboSmart Megasonic blow-off valve was selected as it’s the highest flowing valve offered to keep boost response optimal between shifts.

A Quaife helical limited slip differential occupies a 5 speed, dog engagement race transmission with gear ratios optimized for road racing . On track testing shows the Quaife differential as an absolute must but it also tested better than the competing clutch type front differentials. The last thing we wanted to do was tear down the transmission to make differential adjustments and the Quaife simply drops in with no tuning required.

Sparco EVO seats, Mugello steering wheel, and Competition harnesses are surrounded by a 6 point cage with door braces, diagonal cross bar, and harness bar. Not only does the cage protect the driver it also provides an incredible amount of stiffness to the chassis. This along with the race seats communicates more effectively the car’s balance in the hands of a professional driver.

Performance Engine Modifications:

Element Tuning Hydra Stand Alone ECM

Element GT65 Turbo Kit

Element Exhaust

Element Uppipe

Element 3.5″ Intake

TurboSmart E-Boost Boost Controller

TurboSmart Megasonic Blow-off Valve

TurboSmart External Wastegate

Nitrous Express Fogger Kit

Unorthodox Light Weight Pulley Set

Front Mount Intercooler

Perrin Modified 800cc injectors

Element Built 2.5 STI long block, AVCS, CP Pistons

Performance Brake Modifications:

StopTech 338 Big Brake Kit

StopTech Race Pads

StopTech Rear Brake Rotors

StopTech Stainless Brake Lines

Performance Chassis Modifications:

Element 4 Point Chassis Brace

JIC Element Race Spec Coilovers

Cusco Sway Bars

6 point Roll Cage

Performance Driveline Modifications:

Quaife Limited Slip Differential

ACT 6 Puck Race Clutch

Gearboxtech.com PPG 5 Speed Dog Engagement Race Transmission

Interior Modifications:

Sparco EVO Race Seats

Sparco Mugello Steering Wheel

Sparco Competition Harness

NRG Quick Release Steering Hub

Defi Boost, EGT, and Fuel Pressure Gauges

Body Modifications:

Charge Speed Front Fascia

Charge Speed Side Skirts

Charge Speed Rear Fascia

Speedesign Custom Graphics

Kaminari Carbon Reverse Cowl Hood

Kaminari Adjustable Carbon Wing

Clear Corner Markers

Wheel and Tire Modifications:

Velox Zeta 8 18×7.5 Bronze Wheels (Street)

Dunlop F901 235/40-18 Tires (Street)

Hoosier RS304 245/40-17 (Race)

Work Emotion 17×8 (Race)

Race Driver:

Gary Sheehan Team SMR

Special thanks to all our sponsors who contributed and rushed products to complete this project on time.  Follow the highlighted links for more information used on the Element Time Attack car.

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