Element Tuning Hydra Dyno Plots

We’ve compiled dyno plots of the most common and most spectacular combinations Element has tuned with the Hydra EMS. Wondering if we have a tuned Hydra base map for your setup? Take a look but remember this is only a sample of what we offer.

Element Tuning GT65 Bolt On Turbo, Hydra EMS, E85 fuel, 532whp, 07 STI 2.5
Element Tuning Time Attack 06 STi Hydra EMS 570 whp
Hydra, Hydramist, 624 whp 07 STI 2.5, 35R
Element Tuning GT65 Bolt On, Hydra, 452whp @ 22 psi, 07 STI 2.5 Pump Gas
Hydra, Hydramist, 668 whp@30 psi, 05 STI 2.5, 35R
Element Hydramist water injection 583 whp UPDATE Runs 10s!
Element Tuning Hydra hits 678 WHP All Boost!
Element Time Attack STi, Element GT52 Turbocharger, Hydra, Hydramist.  435+ HP
The Element Time Attack WRX Running the Element GT65 Turbo Kit, 2.5 liters and AVCS.  550+ HP!
STI, Element GT65 Turbo Kit, Element Tuning built engine and a Magnus Motorsports intake vs. stock intake manifold. 500+ HP
The Element Time Attack WRX Running the Element GT65 Turbo utilizing pump fuel. 430+ HP
STI, Element Engine, Element GT65 Turbo Kit, Element Hydra EMS, pump fuel and a Magnus intake manifold.  Green dyno line 420+ HP
STI, Fully built engine, Element Hydra EMS, ported heads and larger valves, JUN 272 cams, 1000cc injectors, and more. 590+ WHP! What it takes.  Data inside.
WRX, Fully built EJ20, Element Hydra EMS, JUN 272 cams, 800cc Injectors, Forced Performance Green Turbocharger. 460+ HP
WRX 2.5, Element Hydra EMS, Ported Heads, Kelford 264 intake and 272 exhaust cam, 800cc injectors, Forced Performance Green Turbocharger, 92 octane. 380 HP!
STI, Element Hydra EMS, AVO 500, California 91 octane.
STI, Element Hydra EMS, Godspeed 650R Turbo Kit, PE 850cc, FMIC. 385+ HP
STI, Element Hydra EMS, Greddy T67, 93 octane. 380+ HP
WRX, Element Hydra EMS, JDM EJ207, Forced Performance Green, 800cc, pump fuel. 350 HP
STI, Element Hydra EMS, Slow Boy GT30-12, 800cc, 20 psi tapering to 18 psi, 93 octane. 330 + HP
WRX, STI engine, VF30, FMIC, Hydra EMS, 800cc. 310 + HP
STI, Turbo-back Exhaust, Hydra EMS. 290 + HP
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