Built EJ205 with JUN 272 cams

Who says you need a 2.5 to make power? The engine is a custom sleeved EJ207 with forged rods and pistons running JUN 272 cams. Tuned on VP race fuel around 12.0 to 12.5:1 AFR and 28.5 psi. These are great numbers but this thing really wants more air as boost dropped to 24 psi by redline. You can really see the JUN cams doing there work at redline holding 400+ WHP at 8000 RPM!!! You don’t see many 2.5s doing that.

This is excellent setup and was actually very easy to tune.

US EJ205 sleeved with custom LA sleeves
8.5:1 CP pistons, Swaintech Coating
Crower rods
Balanced crank
Mild clean up ported heads
Jun272 cams
Ferrea 1mm oversize valves
Axis Racing 8500 rpm valvetrain
ARP headstuds
Forced Performance Green turbocharger
Element Tuning Hydra EMS

This turbo has to be running out of air making 400+ hp at 8000 rpm. While an external gate may help hold more boost to redline the compressor is close to the limit as it’s only rated at 49 lbs. Looking at some of the other dyno plots with similar setups but with the addition of an external gate leads me to this conclusion.

Phil Grabow

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