Element GT65 on 93 octane pump fuel

Nothing special, just the every day Element Hydra EMS pump gas map.

Element built 2.5 STI with CP Pistons only (Heads OEM STI with AVCS)
Element GT65 Turbo Kit with matched Header
Element Hydra EMS
Element prototype 3” Cat back exhaust
Hyperflow FMIC core
Ported TGV
Perrin Modified 816cc
TurboSmart Megasonic BOV
TurboSmart E-Boost
ACT 6 puck OEM WRX flywheel

I’ve never raced this setup but I did run an 11.8 @ 118 mph with a catalytic converter at 20-21 psi on pump fuel. This dyno pull is with the catalytic converter removed and about 23 psi.

Phil Grabow

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