Element Hydra Engine Management System Hits 553 WHP

The car felt excellent after testing new modifications to airflow in and out of the engine so it was time to hit the dyno on race fuel. Well what can I say it was a good day and all went smoothly on the Dynajet. I tuned the Element Time Attack WRX on VP race fuel around 30 psi. Exhaust gas temperatures were relatively low considering the power output so I was able to run 12.5 to 13.0:1 air fuel ratios with egts peaking at 880C. Actually I was forced to run AFRs in the 13s as the 816cc injectors were running 100% but I’m sure the 255 Walboro pump was also at its limit. I didn’t think we were going to max out those injectors as they are obviously very large but its time for 1000cc low impedance injectors.

It only took an hour to tweak out the race map with the new 2.14V7 Hydra software since I was able to block out large portions of the map to remove fuel and add timing.

Power slides at 120 mph…….Just another day in the office.

Element built 2.5 STI with CP Pistons only (Heads OEM STI with AVCS)
Element prototype GT65 Turbo Kit with matched Header
Element Hydra EMS
Element prototype 3” Cat back exhaust
Hyperflow FMIC core
Ported TGV
Perrin Modified 816cc
TurboSmart Megasonic BOV
TurboSmart E-Boost
ACT 6 puck OEM WRX flywheel

60 ft 1.883
1/8th 7.535
¼ mph 129.351
¼ 11.375

All in all I’m happy with the performance of the car. I was hoping for about 132 mph trap speeds but we came up a little shy in the driving department. I think with a better 60 ft there’s another 2 to 3 tenths of a second in there and most likely 2-3 more mph. At this point the weight of the car and the driver is sapping the power. I ran at full weight with all the interior, stereo amps, jack, etc.. I was in a real hurry to get to the track and I wish I had time to remove some of that weight.

On my first run I was testing the “anti-lag” feature on the Element Hydra and let’s just say launching at 15 psi wasn’t such a good idea as my clutch went up in smoke when I slipped it a bit too much. It takes a lot of power to burn up an ACT 6 puck! For the rest of the night I stayed on the “anti-lag” for only about 1 second which had me launching at around 10 psi. This worked pretty well but with a fast clutch release I was spinning the tires badly which made it hard to get a clean 1-2 shift.

I’m going to have to pull out all the stops to run 10s without NX so I’m going to start by removing some weight (above mentioned parts) and it’s time for a light weight wheel and tire combo. The 18” Velox wheels I run are nice for the street but 15 lbs 17” wheels should do the trick on the strip.

Phil Grabow

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