Element Hydra Engine Management System Hits The Dyno

This setup was tuned on the road since there are so many variables when tuning stand-alone engine management that just can’t be made while on a dyno alone. Often maps are made on the dyno and then de-tuned or altered to compensate for the difference in load and driving habits that are encounter while driving in the real world. After all a dyno is only a tuning aid but we wanted to get a feel for how exactly this map would look when placed on a dyno after tuning in the real world.

No adjustments were made and only three runs were performed on the Dynojet, all ended up within one HP of each other. Using 93 octane pump fuel peak torque was an amazing 335.6 ft/lbs at 4500 rpm and peak power was 311 whp from 4750 – 5750 rpm. It’s incredible that it made peak power over a 1000 rpm range which only means there was more to be had. On the drag strip we recorded a 12.4 @ 112 mph running 93 octane pump fuel!

The richest AFR is 10.4:1, at peak power AFR is 11.1:1 and at redline the AFR was 10.7:1. Peak boost was about 19 psi, then dropped to 13 psi by redline, and exhaust gas temperature peaked at 805 C.

Performance Modifications:

Element Tuning Hydra ECM
Element Prototype TBE
Element Prototype Uppipe
Element Prototype Intake
Hyperflow FMI
Perrin Modified 800cc injectors
2.5 STI long block with AVCS disabled
Gearboxtech.com PPG Dogbox

60ft 1.96
1/8th 8.074
MPH 88.05
1/4 12.46
MPH 112.10

Tuning was performed without the aid of AutoTune but we’ll enable this unique feature to “clean” up the map and return to the dyno noting the improvement. For more information on our performance computers and products please visit our products page.

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