Element Hydramist water injection 583 whp

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to dyno my own car and more importantly publish results from the Element Hydramist water injection system we’ve been testing over the last year. What you are looking at is 583 whp using Cam 2 108 octane race gas and the Element Hydramist water injection system. With this system I was able to tune the car like it was running on VP C16 but instead of paying $12/gallon this gas is about $4.60/gallon. The lower 535 HP number is on 93 octane pump gas and water injection which is really impressive.

We changed up a few things on our engine which helped to boost power. First off let’s get the specs out of the way:

Engine: Element built 2.5 liter STI OEM Long block
Pistons: CP .020 overbore
Rings: CP
Rods: Pauter
Cams: Axis Racing Kelford AVCS, 272, 10.3 mm lift
Heads: OEM (no porting)
Valve: OEM
Springs: OEM
Bearings: OEM
Gaskets: OEM
Crankcase Vent: Element Competition Catch Can
Engine Management: Element Hydra EMS
Water Injection: Element Hydramist
Turbocharger: Element GT75 Turbo Kit (75 lbs compressor/ .82 turbine housing)
Wastegate: TurboSmart Ultragate
Exhaust: Element 3” stainless
Boost Controller: TurboSmart E-Boost 2
Header: Element 4-2-1 stainless
Radiator: Koyo
Thermostat: Crucial Racing
Intake: Element 4”
Intercooler: Hyperflow FMIC core
Blow Off Valve: TurboSmart Megasonic
Fuel System: Element 2 liter Competition Surge Tank
Fuel Pump Primary: Aeromotive A1000
Fuel Pump Secondary: Walboro 255
Regulator: Aeromotive
Fuel Lines: -10, -8, -6 AN
Rails: BDL Top Feed WRX
Injectors: 1000cc RC Low Impendence
Transmission: Andrewtech PPG 5 speed Straight Cut Dog Box
Differential: Quaife Front
Clutch: Clutch Master’s Stage 4, lightweight flywheel

All I can say is the Hydramist water injection system is the cat’s meow! I’m really happy with the pump gas numbers of 535 whp given I’m running summer grade windshield washer fluid which is only about 15-20% methanol. I’ve been using the “blue” stuff for over a year and at $1.68/gallon I won’t be changing anytime soon. Inspection of water nozzles and tank have proven no ill effects and tear down of motor show just how clean the pistons are when using water injection. Not all injection systems are created alike and to safely feed this level of power with water requires a well though out system.

The Cam 2 108 octane power with water injection also worked out well at 583 whp. Running VP C16 at road racing events can get seriously expensive. At one Time Attack we can burn up to 30 gallons of race fuel. At $12/gallon that’s $360 in gas alone but we learned that we can use lower grade race fuel with the Hydramist system but still run the same fuel and spark mapping. At last year’s Time Attack we only spent about $135 on fuel by comparison.

I really would have liked to see more out of the turbocharger but I think we are dealing with one of two limitations or possibly both. I think the .82 exhaust housing is just not going to cut it with at 75 lbs turbocharger and it’s highly likely when I switch back to the GT65 setup not only will I have superior spoolup but also the same HP. Going larger will result in a laggy pig so it’s likely I won’t even bother. The other limitation may be in the lack of head porting or the stock valves. Before I change those items I’m going to change the wastegate spring so I can go for 40 psi. I’m also going to run VP C16 and give it a 70 shot of N20.

For now I’m happy since can’t even drive the car straight anymore.

60ft 1.818
330ft 4.745
1/8 7.010
MPH 106.40
1000 9.043
1/4 10.762
MPH 133.74


Phil Grabow

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