STI AVO 500 Element Hydra CA 91 octane

I thought you might be interested in this since I haven’t seen an AVO turbocharger dyno plot for some time. This was tuned by me on Dynamic Autosports Mustang Dyno in California on California 91 octane pump fuel.

Overall l like this setup as it has a very efficient .84 exhaust housing and you can see it wanted to make more top end power but we were limited with ignition timing due to the low octane fuel. For a Mustang Dyno and California 91 these are very good numbers.

This was still using an internal WG but boost was stable up to around 20 psi. On the dyno the turbocharger was on the “laggy” side hitting 20 psi around 4700 rpm but tuning on the road had data logs showing 20 psi by 3900 rpm.

It would be interesting to see what this setup is capable of on race fuel.

Phil Grabow

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